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Thandanani is a non-profit organisation operating in the Johannesburg-Pretoria area of South Africa that exists to facilitate African church-based care for the orphans and vulnerable children in our communities.

A Time For Compassion
Every hour in South Africa, 46 people die of AIDS, and 12 children become orphans. There are currently 3.8 million orphans in South Africa, almost half due to the scourge of HIV/AIDS. These little ones will be the future citizens, workers, parents and leaders of this country, but they are a generation at risk and could put our whole nation at risk unless people act now!

God's Word and His Bible-believing churches in the African communities are ideally suited to provide faith-based and community-based care, discipleship, guidance, counseling, and direction for these needy children! But they need our help!

If you are looking for the website for the Thandanani Children's Foundation located in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, please follow this link.

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